A healthy diet for Dr. Joe Richard

Dr. Joe Richard of the United States of America.

Dr. Joe Richard introduced a diet that is a quick and healthy diet and is the most popular dieting system to get rid of excess weight. Dr. Joe’s system started in America and it spread to some European cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Paris, Basel and others. Excess weight in women, men and children as well. 
Rajim Jo health is based on eating different types of food that are given the equivalent of 1200 calories per day for women, 1600 calories per day for men, 1700 calories per day for children. Dietary products in the diet are composed of proteins of 44%, 50% carbohydrate, 6% fat, thus providing the body with all the necessary nutrients to maintain the vitality and freshness of the body. 
What distinguishes this famous nutritional health food that allows you the freedom to choose food according to your desire to maintain the number of thermal units and not to exceed.
Dr. Joe Richard’s diet includes three main meals:

starts with eating a single fruit fruit on a 100 gram bag with one egg, a toast to weigh about 30 grams, a teaspoon of honey and a cup of tea or coffee with milk without sugar. 
consists of 100 grams of grilled chicken breast with a salad of 100 grams boiled carrots, 100 grams of boiled potatoes and 50 grams of cucumber. 
Then take any fruit available after at least three hours, and allows to eat all kinds of fruits except grapes and bananas.

consists of a piece of grilled or boiled fish about 100 grams with four olives and 20 grams of toasted bread. 
Before sleeping:
You can eat fruit or a cup of milk skimmed milk. 
This diet allows the freedom to change and change the food contained in the list, not to exceed those meals the number of calories allowed. 
The new system d. Joe Richard allows the collective application of this system with groups of overweight people, through which to identify and solve their psychological problems as well as the exercise of light types of physical fitness appropriate. 
Dr. Raja has succeeded in reducing the excess weight of these groups, so this diet is widely applied in specialized institutes .
And can be easily described and followed by the specialist, as well as can be applied provided knowledge of the energy content of different types of food.

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