A diet rich in calories can not be blamed for symptoms of hyperactivity disorder and lack of attention

Many parents believe that hyperactivity disorder and lack of attention are caused or exacerbated by excessive eating of foods that are unhealthy or high in sugars or fat, such as chocolate fingers, fast food, etc. However, a recent study found that this belief is incorrect.

ADHD is a psychological disorder that begins in childhood and makes the person hyperactive and unable to obey orders or to control his actions, and the child may find it very difficult to focus with the teacher at school.

Researchers from the University of Erasmus in the Netherlands conducted a study that included about 3,700 children with hyperactivity and attention deficit (ADHD) and lasted for four years, during which researchers investigated the diet of children, and the extent or severity of the condition.

Although the researchers found that most of these children tend to consume unhealthy and high-calorie meals, and are not inclined to consume healthy meals such as vegetables and fruits, they found no link between these meals and exacerbation or improvement of symptoms.

The researchers believe that excessive children eating unhealthy meals may be due to psychological reasons, not vice versa. Many parents tend to lure the child with these foods in return for his commitment to calm or to reduce his activity.

The researchers emphasize the need for further studies to investigate the relationship between the nature of the diet and symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit.

The results of the study were recently published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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