A child with diabetes and how to provide care and cohabitation with him

Many people view diabetes as an adult disease, but unfortunately it is a disease for a large segment of children, but although it is not easy for a child, it can be lived naturally if it is controlled.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Dr. Peter Hindmarsh of Britain’s Great Ormond Hospital said that the first sign of diabetes was the child’s thirst for thirst, he went to the bathroom frequently, and he was constantly hungry without ever increasing weight as he ate more.

What causes a child to have diabetes?

The obvious cause of childhood diabetes is still not quite clear, but it is certain that a child can have genetic genes predisposed to infection. Some theories believe that breast milk plays a role in a child’s diabetes if the protein is high.

When does the disease usually appear?

The common age in which children are generally affected is between the ages of 6 and 7, and the child may also develop the disease between the ages of 12 and 13, the period during which the child moves to adolescence and increases the proportion of hormones.

what is the cure?

A child with diabetes should be referred to a pediatric diabetes specialist as the patient should be kept under observation by the specialist.

The primary goal of treatment is to maintain an acceptable level of blood sugar.

“Reducing high blood glucose levels is never difficult,” Dr. Peter said, “but as soon as treatment starts, it has to continue and maintaining it is a sensitive issue.

Parents should be aware that their child’s blood glucose level does not drop below normal. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include fibrillation, sweating and dizziness.

If the glucose is dropped, the child is given a drink full of sugar to raise the level of glucose and if the case is neglected, the child will lose consciousness completely.

Should the sugar be completely removed from the child’s diet?

Their baby’s diet is not affected very much; the child must take enough foods to grow normally and must stay away from saturated fats to avoid heart problems in the future.

A child can eat sweets but before exercising as it is the time when the baby burns sugar and turns it into energy.

It is preferred to eat more vegetables and reduce fat, and rely on oils in a moderate amount instead of obesity or butter.

For starches, it is necessary in a light amount, and meat is fat-free.

It is necessary to rely on three servings of seasonal fruit daily.

Do not eat pans and exercise daily, if possible.

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