9 Tips to Protect Your Child from Lying

How to prevent children from lying, a question that often searches for the parents during the education of children, especially with the repetition of the lie of the child, and provided Dr. Noha Abu Al-Wafa, consultant pediatric pediatrics, the most important tips to prevent children from lying.

First of all, Noha says: First, consider the following question: Does the child lie for fear of punishment or avoid physical abuse?

The following general advice and guidance should be taken into account:

– Punishment is a misleading way to modify the behavior of lying, to support the idea that recognition of error is not flawed, and that truthfulness in saying the events as signed leads to exceeding punishment

– The availability of good example in the practice of sincere behaviors

– Provide stories for children about the result of lying and what lies on the liar of punishment in this world and the other

– Parents are not disturbed as well as the child in the pre-school stage, preferably to clarify the child’s parents the difference between fantasy and truth

– The distance from the degradation of the child because it reduces the concept of self, and to support self-confidence, and to show the superiority of excellence and support

– Distance from the cruelty and ridicule of the child for the slightest reasons

– Review mental clinics in the case of lying patients, with no news of the child’s close to his problem or behavior

– Strengthen and reward him when he speaks honesty.

– Stay away from beatings because it increases the problem

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