8 Tips to relieve pain of birth and labor

The feeling of pain in childbirth and labor is one of the most severe types of pain experienced by women, especially in the first pregnancy. Many pregnant women feel that they are in a state of panic and need painkillers to get rid of the pain of childbirth. Some prefer a back injection to get rid of the pain of birth, but it may be expensive. Pain of birth and labor.

Move from place to place

You should move and change your sitting position when labor comes in. Instead of lying flat on the back, help the child move to the pelvis and help you deal with labor pains better.

Warm bath

The use of a warm bath may be a good option to alleviate the pain of birth as well as the renewal of prenatal activity

Moisturizing the body

Drinking water helps you restore fluid inside the body and relieve the pain of childbirth.

Back massage

A prenatal back massage helps to relax the muscles, relax and facilitate birth.

Breathing exercises

Slow breathing during childbirth helps relieve pain and more than breathing quickly, increasing tension and nerve tension that increases the pain of childbirth.

Distance from stress

Do not get nervous as your baby is about to get pregnant and deal with the pain through breathing and change the situation and you should know that the pain will disappear after birth

Warm your body

Put the hot water or electric pad on the back to warm it and soften the pain.

Aromatic oils

Put a few drops of essential oil, especially the sedative and sedative lavender, on a wet cloth or towel and breathe during delivery.

Apply aromatic drops of lavender like a lavender to a piece of cloth and use it to help reduce stress and reduce the pain of birth.

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