8 steps to encourage your child to read

Children’s education and children’s education are important for parents and unfortunately parents prefer to sit children next to television and iPad and not to raise children to read, which leaves the child basis of education to enjoy reading, and parents to return the child to read from an early age, the family education expert Maha Mustafa 8 steps to encourage Your child is reading

Take your child to the library

Do not forget to take your child every two weeks at least to the library to choose the books he likes, and as far as possible not to interfere in his choices as long as he chooses from the section devoted to children’s books.

Encourage your child to read

Ask them to read you the weather in the newspaper every morning. When you go to lunch somewhere, ask them to read to you the menu to choose the type of food you will be ordering.

Customize time to read

Nationalize a half-hour a day in which the family meets reading. This may encourage your child to imitate you and choose the book to share with you.

Feelings of fun when reading

So that your child does not tire fast, you can add a bit of fun to reading times, or make other options other than paper books such as computers, readable games, or even funny CDs, use these as a first step to getting your child to read.

Give your child a gift

Promise your child to bring a gift to him if he finished the book that he read quickly, and be warned not to carry out the promise that you made yourself in this situation or at any other time so that your child does not stand up to you.

Ask him for a written summary

Ask your child to write a small summary of the book or story he has read. This will benefit him not only to encourage reading, but also to find out if he has the talent to write or not. He will also help him develop his imagination and use it well in adding new events and details to the content. Read it earlier.

Discuss with him what he read

Do not forget to listen attentively to his opinion after reading the book or the story he read, and have to discuss in the general idea of ​​the book, and extracted with him lessons and sermons, it is important to add reading something new, and beautiful that this is a value or principle live on it in his life.

Suitable lighting

The children’s room should contain a small library with a variety of children’s books. Get the color books that attract children quickly to quickly pick them up and read them. Also, good lighting in the room is very important so that the child will not get bored and lazy quickly.

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