8 quick solutions to eliminate bad breath

The bad breath disturbs many people, causing embarrassment in many situations, and the causes of bad breath are numerous, including the accumulation of food residue between the teeth and not to wash teeth or smoking or gum disease, and the expert of cosmetics Maha Awad, the most important tips to get rid of bad breath easily

1 – visit the dentist to ensure that the mouth is free of gum infections and tooth decay, and undergo dental cleaning and gums, if not 6 months have passed, knowing that bad breath is caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth.

2 – cleaning teeth and tongue also, by a special brush, after breakfast and before bed and after the meal Suhur, and for at least 3 minutes, each time.

3 – Use a string of teeth to get rid of the remnants of food in places that do not reach the brush, using the brush that disperse water Waterpik, because it removes waste and food deposits from the teeth, especially with spaces due to contraction of the gums.

4. After cleaning the teeth, the mouth sterilizer, which contains a small percentage of the “chloricidine”.

5 – eat slowly, because speeding up to eat leads to a low rate of saliva in the mouth, worsening the smell of bad mouth, chewing chewing frankincense without sugar after food helps to clean the teeth for his role in the secretion of saliva.

6. Consult the gastrointestinal specialist to determine if the stomach problems are responsible for bad breath. Waiting for the test date, you can chew the carnation kernels, they are antibacterial and fight bad breath.

7 – selection of ingredients light for the meal of Suhur, because the amount of abundant food causes bad breath, and drink plenty of water to moisten the mouth before going to sleep.

8. Chewing cardamom, aniseed, fennel seeds and cinnamon sticks after breakfast.

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