7 Wrong habits may damage your teeth

Do you take care of your teeth properly? Dental health care will not protect you from damage when you practice these wrong habits. Know some harmful habits that cause tooth damage.

1 – Use of teeth in the opening purposes

The basic dental function is gnawing food, talking properly and smiling. Anything other than that may damage the health of your teeth, including opening the objects. Open food bags, bottle caps, or even small pins are all of the wrong habits that cause thinning or broken teeth.


Smoking causes dry mouth and increases the amount of plaque accumulated around the teeth. Smokers are the most likely to lose teeth compared to non-smokers due to periodontal disease. In addition, smoking increases the chances of oral cancer.

3 – eating starchy snakes

Most fast snacking products help release less saliva, leaving food leftovers for longer periods of time. Starchy starches, such as potato chips and others, cause residue to stick to the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. It is recommended to reduce the intake of these foods as much as possible to improve the health of teeth.

4. Drink coffee

Unfortunately, the caffeine in the coffee interferes with the saliva to cause the dry mouth, causing tooth decay. Also, added sugar increases the risk of tooth decay.

5. Chewing ice cubes

This may seem harmless, but unconsciously chewing the ice may cause permanent damage to the teeth through small incisions that may grow over time to eventually break the teeth.

6. Biting the nails

Biting nails from unhealthy habits that harm the health of the body, causing the transmission of germs and viruses into the body. It may also cause damage to the teeth and get out of place. In some cases, tooth enamel may crack due to nail biting. Give up that bad habit to keep your teeth healthy.

6- Drink soft drinks

Soft drinks contain a large percentage of sugars and acids, which negatively affect the health of your teeth. With excessive soda, your teeth are exposed to cavities, and tooth enamel is damaged, exposing you to permanent tooth sensitivity. As much as possible, reduce the intake of soda drinks to maintain health and strengthen the teeth. Also, wait half an hour before brushing your teeth with a soft brush after eating any acid-rich foods or drinks.

7. Eat jelly candy

Different types of sweets are considered to be harmful to teeth health, but the candy that sticks to the teeth is the most harmful. Among these types are jelly, caramel, or candy, where it sticks and accumulates between the teeth and the saliva can not dissolve and remove the residue away from the teeth. It is recommended to reduce the intake of these types of candy, and must also be careful to wash the teeth using the brush after eating to get rid of residues adhered to your teeth and protection from decay.

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