7 Tips for care after caesarean section

Some women suffer after caesarean section of the problem of wounds, bleeding, constipation and difficulty in getting out. Here are seven tips for treating wounds after cesarean delivery in a healthy way.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

After cesarean delivery, follow your doctor’s instructions regarding daily activities, how to change wounds, and when to contact your doctor.

Movement carefully

The disciplined movement helps speed recovery after caesarean delivery and relieves its problems such as constipation and excessive pain, prevents blood clots, promotes blood circulation in the body, speed healing, healing wounds and preventing common diseases that can occur as a result of cesarean section such as pneumonia.

Carefully clean the wounds

Take care to clean the wound daily and change bandages to prevent wound inflammation again

Loose clothes

Wear tight clothes cause skin allergies and wound ulcers, and is advised to wear loose cotton clothes to be nice on the body.

Compresses lukewarm water

Pressure during the caesarean section may cause swelling around the wound area. To reduce this swelling, use frozen compresses on the swollen area and preferably immediately after birth. The warm compresses are used on the wound itself to promote blood flow, which helps to speed healing wound.

Eating healthy

You must adhere to foods high in fiber and vitamins such as fruits and whole grains that prevent constipation and avoid dairy products and foods that cause abdominal gases, which helps the body heal faster than caesarean section.

Do not think about dieting for some time

You should not speed up your diet to lose weight after caesarean delivery, and you should linger for at least two months before starting your weight loss regimen after birth so your body can recover.

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