7 tips for bathing during your menstrual cycle

Many girls wonder about the health of bathing during the menstrual cycle, which is harmful and harmful, and is related to some diseases as rumored?

According to Dr. Mayada Shaat, a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, there are no reliable medical studies and studies to prove that bathing and bathing with cold or other water during the menstrual cycle are associated with different types of diseases or cancer. On the contrary, personal cleanliness during menstruation is very important , Because the body excreted sweat and fat more than any time, and must be cleaned continuously to avoid any odor or even any damage.

Here are the most important tips on washing and bathing during your period:

1 – Avoid too much bathing so that the temperature of the body does not change much, although it is not necessarily necessary to wash the hair every time, and only to wash the body only.

2 – Bathing water too cold or too hot is not useful, and its harm is affecting the smooth flow of menstrual blood in terms of continuity or interruption.

3. Avoid exposure to cold air currents immediately after bathing.

4 – Make sure to dry your hair and body well after bathing.

5 – immersed in warm water with oils or natural aromatic herbs, useful for relaxation and benefit the muscles, and makes the body smell beautiful.

6 – Massage the body during the shower in a circular way light reduces pain and contractions, and moves the blood circulation in the body.

7 – Washing sensitive areas during the menstrual cycle, to ensure cleanliness and not to be fungus and bacteria that produce unpleasant smell, provided that the disinfectant lotion does not contain any chemical or aromatic substances.

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