7 symptoms require visiting a tumor doctor

A recent medical study recommended that patients be rushed to visit their oncologist if seven symptoms are found to be a major risk of cancer.

The World at the London Oncology Center, McMillan Chris Steele, reported seven major symptoms and should be found when they quickly found a doctor.

These seven symptoms include:

Rapid changes in bowel or bladder function.

Unjustified bleeding.

Any protrusions in the chest or elsewhere in the body.

Severe swallowing cases.

Change in color or mole scale.

Also severe cough with hoarseness.

Any injuries remain and do not heal for a long time.

The doctor said that the symptoms may not be linked to tumors, but the visit of the doctor, if detected, is important to check the symptoms, not wasting time doctors, noting the possibility of preventing four cases of development out of ten thanks to the diagnosis in a timely manner.

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