7 steps to develop your child’s intelligence

The child’s intelligence grows through the acquisition of experiences and the practice of various activities, whether visual or audio activities, etc. Here is my dear mother The most important points to develop the intelligence of the child since childhood:

1. Interaction with the child, where experts stressed that embracing the child and playing with him has a strong impact on the development of his intelligence.

2. Talk to the child and read to him at an early stage even if he can not understand the words. Reading books is one of the most important activities that make children smart.

3. Development of both sides of the brain through different activities, language and intelligence games develop the left side, while drawing, art and creativity develop the right side.

4. Play develops the child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills, while group play helps him to combine ideas and learn to deal with others.

5. Encouraging the child to exercise. Athletics not only make a strong child, but also make your child intelligent. Exercises help increase blood flow to the brain and build new brain cells.

6. Let your child play computer games that build on intelligence and solve puzzles.

7. Proper nutrition helps to build and grow brain cells, also strengthens memory.

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