7 Signs of pregnancy

Waiting for the result of the pregnancy test is important for women especially with the first pregnancy and there are some important signs that indicate pregnancy may be felt by some women, In the following article we recognize the seven signs of pregnancy signs are :

1. Nausea:
Nausea usually begins a few weeks after fertilization occurs, and most often occurs in the morning, and may develop in some people will be all day or morning and evening.

2. The tendency
to eat food only: This may appear in the form of desire of the woman to eat or certain types of it in the so-called “birth”, or aversion to food in general and not to enjoy it or specific varieties of it.

3. Changing the color of the area around the nipple:
Changing the color of the area around the nipple and turning it into a dark color is a sign of successful fertilization, but it may also be caused by a hormonal imbalance unrelated to pregnancy or from remnants of a previous pregnancy.

4) Diarrhea, frequent urination, and pain in the foot and teeth:
When the baby is implanted and the pregnancy hormone “hCG” begins, it is found that the pregnant woman is too frequent to enter the bathroom and when she has frequent diarrhea, it is necessary to take care of the other signs, visit the doctor, With pain in the foot and teeth.

5. The desire to sleep and the feeling of permanent fatigue:
The feeling of tiredness and exhaustion of the least effort from the signs of the beginning of pregnancy, high levels of hormone “progesterone” resulting from pregnancy women feel fatigue and rapid fatigue, although not conclusive evidence.

6 – Drops of blood or the occurrence of contractions due to the implantation and stability of the fertilized egg:
This sign may occur after approximately three days of ovulation, and may drop some blood in the form of light or floral or brown spots along with some contractions, because of the implantation of the egg in the lining The uterus, and some blood may also occur at the time of the menstrual cycle.

7. Breast tenderness and swelling:
The breasts may become as soft as before the menstrual cycle. The size of the breast may increase in the first pregnancy with the appearance of blue lines on the skin, feeling some pain and changing the color of the nipple to brown.

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