6 ways to reduce your weight and restore your weight after increasing your weight during pregnancy

Did your body gain some pounds and increase your weight during pregnancy?

Do you find it difficult to get rid of these extra pounds without success?

Have you tried everything but the weight of stubborn pregnancy does not go away?

All the delicious and delicious foods you crave during pregnancy are now a burden on your body and you are not able to return to postnatal clothing.

We offer you these great tips for getting rid of extra pounds:


Breastfeeding period is very characteristic in the stage of motherhood, which is beneficial for the child and the mother alike. Doctors believe breast-feeding burns 500 calories a day. So try attendance upon to help in weight loss. But remember: Do not give up what you lost by eating foods high in sugars and starches!

2. Drink plenty of water:

A nursing or new mother should drink 10 to 12 cups of water a day. If the color of the urine is yellow, this is evidence of dehydration, drinking water helps to get rid of the fluids in the body and thus gradually reduce the weight.

3. Eat balanced meals:

As a new mother, your meals should be new as well. Forget the anarchic eating pattern that you followed during pregnancy, and try to plan healthy meals. The ideal and healthy meal should include vegetables, meat, fruit, fish and low-fat dairy. Try increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables compared with carbohydrates and meat.

4. Exercises:

We are not talking about going back to the gym immediately after birth, because that will exhaust your body, but we mean Swedish walking and exercises. Instead of sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed, do some important exercise, whether outdoors or in your room. It is essential that you gradually exercise your inactive muscles after giving birth to get a tight body.

5. Eat only when hungry:

Avoid fatty, fried, and rich foods such as donuts and cakes. After birth, there is no such thing as craving. Birth is okay. All you have to do now is stop craving any food that will increase your weight.

6. Do not claim excess weight makes you frustrated:

There are women who have increased their weight by 30 kg and managed to consistently remove this weight, remember that the key to weight loss is your determination. Stop eating fatty foods, exercise and return to your previous weight within six months

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