6 Ways to Reduce Caesarean Probability?

Caesarean section or caesarean section is an alternative to natural delivery in some cases, including the condition of the fetus is not suitable for normal birth or the opening of the birth is inappropriate and cause the risk of the fetus, Caesarean section is using the anesthesia in the spinal cord to start the operation, “The top ten tips to avoid caesarean section and overcome the fear of them:

Acquire knowledge about birth

You should look at the natural way of birth and find out the instructions that facilitate the natural birth and prepare yourself mentally from the beginning of pregnancy until your birth is normal, thus helps your body indirectly to prepare for the birth of a normal.

Choose the attending doctor and the hospital well

In recent periods, the rate of cesarean deliveries has increased. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a good follower to have a low rate of cesarean delivery and a high rate of natural delivery, in addition to the hospital, either by inquiring about him or by collecting information from people from Around you. Do not choose a doctor to follow the pregnancy you do not have the slightest idea of ​​curse before.

Avoid early hospitalization

Avoiding entering the patient early may reduce your stress and medical staff and may prompt you to resort to Caesarean delivery. You should stay at home until you feel that you have a significant birth, which avoids cesarean delivery.

It is preferable to observe the intermittent embryo

Research has shown that continuous fetal monitoring during labor does not contribute much to better results. The main problem with continuous monitoring is the electronic fetus (EFM) that restricts the mother’s movement during labor pains, which may lead to caesarean delivery.

Avoid stimulation and accelerate birth

Acceleration of labor in the hospital is done using some drugs that increase labor, which is painless but may decide to resort to Caesarean states, especially in the case of first birth.

Use the anesthetic syringe intelligently

Some women prefer an anesthetic or epidural injection to get rid of the pains of childbirth and labor. They should be used in the event of labor and start feeling, not before, and when the vaginal opening is five centimeters, to enable normal birth.

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