6 tips to help your child speak early

In the first few weeks of your little daughter’s life, you try to entertain her by talking and singing, but this process was one-sided, but now that you are able to make sounds like “da-da” or “what-what” And to encourage them in the best possible way.

Fast ways to do this are:

– Limit the period of the day to read it, before its direct intake, or before sleep.

– Keep books designed to fit their age.

– Read the same book over and over again, leaving it pointing to the duck or dot while reading them, so you can quickly read the story for you.

– Buy a special song book with its age range, and go with it.

– Start with a quick and easy song, and soon your little one will clap on the rhythm of the song, so reading and singing will become very useful for your little child.

– If your day is busy, set aside a specific time, get used to enjoying it with you.

Source: Al Watan

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