6 Common diseases of the genital and vaginal areas and treatment methods

The vagina is considered to be one of the most important components of the reproductive system in women. Dr. Ahmed Amer, a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility, reveals the function of this member, the most important diseases to which he is exposed, and the prescriptions and guidelines for prevention and treatment.


Many contraceptive methods have focused on the vagina. One of the methods of using contraceptives, such as condoms such as a female condom, a cervical opening, or a vaginal barrier, all use some types of spermicide to increase effectiveness. Pregnancy with it is high if used incorrectly, plus it reduces enjoyment during the relationship.

Dry vagina

The secretions of the glands are subject to the effect of estrogen hormones throughout the period of ovarian activity (average age 15 to 45 years). Therefore, some women may suffer from the so-called dry vagina after a cycle due to lack of hormones secreted from the ovaries, During the relationship, increased risk of inflammation, and burning sensation, in this case may use prosthetic hormones either topical in the form of creams, or the body by general grain or other.

Tumors of the vagina

Common tumors of the vagina The Bartholene gland is enlarged by a blockage in the duct or hole responsible for delivering its secretions to the vagina. In this case, it is surgically treated by excision, or it may be inflamed due to inflammation or abscess of the same gland. In this case it is treated with appropriate antibiotics, Open the gland and discharge to the reserved pus. As for cancer tumors, it is the least common genital tract tumors in women, and treated surgically with the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy accompaniment.

The fall of the vaginal wall

Especially after repeated natural birth due to relaxation in the ligaments surrounding the vagina and bladder. In some advanced cases, a part of the vaginal wall may emerge outside the vagina, especially with the push during need, resulting in inability to control urine or urinating with difficulty.

Treatment of vaginal fall

This type of treatment is treated according to the degree of vaginal fall, depending on the type of complaint, from the use of certain creams that restore the tissue to its elasticity, and then the radical surgical treatment by tightening the loose muscle. There are some popular recipes used in these cases, such as: Alum, which works to absorb fluid from the surrounding tissues, gives a temporary sense of distress, but may irritate mucous membranes, and cause dehydration or inflammation.

Vagina and Sports

A good example of exercises useful for the area of ​​pelvic muscles and vagina is walking for half an hour a day, as well as exercises directed to the area of ​​the muscles of the lower abdomen, pelvis and thighs, and there are some specialized exercises useful for the vagina in particular; may help in strengthening the muscle bladder and anus and vaginal muscles responsible for constipation period of intercourse .

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