5 Things You Should not Do in Your Weight Loss Diet

Fighting obesity and trying to get rid of excess weight, some people to follow some methods of dieting cruel,   which may cause some damage to the body during dieting

, Some of those who follow strict dieting look at the goal of eliminating excess weight without looking at the nature of dieting and an impact on the body, says Dr. Kony Dikman

Severe dieting can cause weight loss but increases the risk of malnutrition and deteriorating physical health.

More 5 dangers that should not be done during dieting.

Hunger and lack of calories

Calories of calories lead to weight loss but weight loss involves structural muscle and some health risks and most of those who follow

They return to excess weight quickly after dieting directly, 
and research and medical studies indicated that work to lose weight leads to the body to store fat and reduce water inside the cell, making

The person feels the weight of the false weight and the result is a defect in the metabolism of the body and diabetes type II.Weight loss diet

Use of dietary supplements and slimming pills.

False slimming pills, which are put in pharmacies, are almost very weak and their safety is not known, he says

Dr. Dickman, director of nutrition at the University of Washington in St. Louis, said that the slimming pills sold in pharmacies are from

It can be low risk but still cause damage, all of which are just enough and diuretics cause dehydration of the body

, So you have to rely on dieting and health systems used to lose weight safely and not to resort to slimming pills.

Antiseptics and antiseptics

Colon cleansing is important for colon screening but cleaning to get rid of your body of toxins is not necessary because cleaning the colon causes weight loss of water and stool

In the end, dehydration causes the loss of many body fluids without dangerous medical supervision. When hunger and abstinence are increased

Dangerous, instead of the application of detox systems you have to drink water and eat fiber found in many foods, it is useful to you who .

All means of unpacking food

Some people may go on to incorporate dieting programs in unnatural ways such as stomach cramps and food reflux after handling or using laxatives with exaggerated images to make

Food comes out of the stomach quickly without digestion and absorption.

The stomach contains hydrochloric acid and is very strong on food and the presence of food in the stomach with the secretion of acid stomach is important to digest food and try to vomit

And the return of food leads to erosion in the mouth, mouth, teeth and some cases of cancer of the esophagus and also use laxatives works on the drought and problems of the channel


Violent exercise

The effect of sport with dieting is known for underweight but too much exercise causes adverse problems. The American Academy of Sports Medicine

Warm-up exercises for half an hour a day five times a week, and interest in light sports such as walking, engaging in light physical activity removes tension

Of the body, which reduces the secretion of corticosteroids, which contribute to increased appetite.

Best types of dieting

Choose a diet suitable for the nature of your daily life, use your senses, listen to your body and be conscious of what you eat and do not listen to slimming products sold.

There is a diet system based on the use of drugs, dieting systems are successful that succeed in weight loss without boredom and make the body healthier after dieting

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