5 steps to get rid of excess weight

Obesity and the problem of overweight is a problem of the times and everyone wants to lose weight but may suffer from some hardships, especially with diet programs cruel to lose weight on the nose that there are some simple steps that can be done to get rid of excess weight without the need for severe diet programs and those Effective steps:

Rely on snacks

The effectiveness of snacks in weight loss, especially with regular and healthy diet programs help to lose weight quickly and achieve excellent results without the need for severe diet programs


Those who exercise about 150 minutes of physical activity per week are the most successful in weight loss, but staging is the solution, use the stairs instead of the elevator, choose to walk short and medium distances instead of moving your car.

Fast food

Eating sweets, chicola or junk food is one of the most serious threats to the success of weight loss diet, as it helps to give the body more calories.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Taking three servings of fruits and vegetables a day helps prevent body fat storage and restore fitness. Store multiple types of them in your refrigerator, and cut them in an attractive way.

Sports is important

Regularity of walking daily for 25 minutes was enough to drive the body to lose more calories, restore fitness and beauty and quickly lose weight.

  •  27 June 2015

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