5 Quick recipes to get rid of rumen and weight gain

The rumen, abdomen, trachea and buttocks are one of the most common areas of fat. These areas may be hardened compared to other parts of the body, and they are quick and effective tips for fastening the abdomen and thighs and eliminating rashes and abdomen quickly and easily.

Ginger recipe for slimming the abdomen and preventing rashes

Ginger is known for its effectiveness in helping digestion and in addition to its many health properties. It is used in weight loss foods, specifically, and belly fat. Many studies and studies have shown that ginger is an effective diet for weight loss and to rid the body of accumulated fat. Ginger is in many ways it is antifungal and appetite suppressant and it is equivalent to imbalance in hormones and prevents stress leading to obesity and therefore start your day to drink ginger tea in the early morning or before eating daily meals and be prepared by adding ginger slices to boiling water and let it covered for a period of Time and then filtered and drank Add honey and lemon for more benefit and to reduce the flavor

Cumin recipe for slimming

Cumin works to increase body temperature and thus increases the rate of metabolism in the body and when the metabolic rate more efficient it will help to reduce weight and reduce it also improves digestion, which leads to the absorption of nutrients well in the body where this works To prevent the storage of fat in the body and thus lead to the reduction of the body and works Cumin to burn fat at a rapid rate, especially that deposited on the rumen, it improves the body’s ability to burn fat by 25% because it improves digestion and prefer to eat with other spices to maximize the benefit of reducing Weight g M such as fennel, ginger, anise and mustard

The recipe for pomegranate juice to get rid of the rumen

Pomegranate juice burns belly fat Researchers found that eating pomegranate juice daily relieves the layer of lipid in the abdomen associated with the stage of life expectancy. Scientists believe that this super fruit, which they called super fruit or super fruit has the ability to reduce the fat stored around the stomach after one month Of the number of volunteers took a bottle of pomegranate juice each day proved that they are less likely to grow fat cells around their stomachs Pomegranate juice before eating food to burn belly fat

Kiwi and pineapple slimming

Kiwi juice and pineapple saves you from the obesity of the buttocks Take a cup of fresh kiwi and pineapple juice without adding sugar and before each meal of the three main meals This method is a good and effective way to get rid of the obesity of the lower body with the commitment to follow the diet

White radish to treat the buttocks and thighs

Studies show that white radish helps dissolve excess fat and eliminate excess weight, especially in obese areas such as buttocks, hips and abdomen. Women in the Journal of Health see regularity in eating leafy vegetables as an effective way to lose excess weight and provide the body with vitamins, It is recommended that the amount of leafy vegetables should not be less than 25 to 35% of the total amount of meals whether eaten fresh, boiled or cooked, and that the white radish represents part of this percentage because of its effective effect in the elimination of fat especially The researchers pointed out that fresh vegetables can be eaten between meals, without a defect in the content of calories consumed daily because these foods rich in fiber, especially white radish facilitates the burning of calories and accumulated fat

Finally, a diet and diet should be maintained for at least one hour daily with local exercises to strengthen those areas three times a week. These recipes are not effective without diet and sport.

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