5 Important Tips for Pregnant Women to Fast Ramadan

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, women have some questions, especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women for the first time. The most important question is what should they do? Do they fast Ramadan? Can fasting affect the health of the fetus, or their health? And other questions that come to mind of many mothers. Before you begin to mention the advice of a pregnant woman during fasting, you should visit your doctor before the holy month of Ramadan and listen to your doctor’s advice about the possibility of fasting or not, because of the different medical condition of each woman, and only the doctor has the authority to do so.

In general, there are several tips that benefit pregnant women during fasting, if approved by the doctor, namely:

1 – a balanced diet:

Pregnant women must follow a balanced and integrated diet, which has all the nutrients needed by their body, and their child, to promote optimal nutrition for women and children. You can get a healthy diet, if you make your meals include all the main food groups of grains, vegetables, beans, meat, dairy, fruit. Vegetarians can replace meat with other vegetarian options, such as nuts, beans, eggs, and dairy products. By eating each food group you get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy throughout the holy month.

2 – Do not forget to drink water:

It is very important for pregnant women to maintain their body and avoid drought, so as not to hurt the fetus, so if the doctor allowed you to fast during the hot summer days – and it happens in very few cases – must drink water in large quantities after breakfast. In normal, pregnant women drink at least 2 liters on average every day during breakfast hours, and increase the liters of water the more hot the atmosphere.

3. Avoid unhealthy foods:

Always choose fresh vegetables and fruits wherever possible. And you can eat them what you eat, especially if it is low in calories, at that time you give these foods many vitamins without concern about calories.

4. Attention to good nutrition:

The body of a woman during pregnancy or breastfeeding needs good nutrition. In the absence of attention to health nutrition, especially with diets, the body may be exposed to many health problems resulting from malnutrition that may harm the health of mother and child.

5 – Eat dates:

As well as it is a prophetic prophetic year during the month of Ramadan, but eating dates is also recommended for pregnant and nursing. Because dates provide pregnant women with the energy they need, as well as it is very useful in strengthening the muscle of the uterus, especially in the last months of pregnancy.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “If one of you is sick or on a journey, then there are several other days.” Pregnant mothers are exempted from fasting if fasting is a danger to them or the fetus.

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