5 golden tips for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy

When you advertise for your pregnancy, you will be guided by advice and advice that may be true or false, and will confuse you in many mazes that make you feel unnecessary fear and tension.

To avoid all this, here are some tips to enjoy comfortable and easy pregnancy, and the least possible common problems in pregnancy natural ways and available in your hands and without resorting to drugs and chemicals:

– First advice:

To enjoy a healthy pregnancy you have to prepare and prepare your body in the pre-pregnancy period (such as abstaining from smoking and eating too much vegetables, fruits and alkaline foods because it relieves your body of the toxins accumulated in it), so you should plan pregnancy as an important event in your life.

– Second advice:

One of the most common misconceptions is that you have to change your lifestyle during pregnancy (pregnancy is not a disease). On the contrary, you should continue your life normally as before pregnancy. For example, the movement is healthy during pregnancy. If you are interested in exercising, Mission in pregnancy.

– Third advice:

If you are suffering from constipation during pregnancy, you should first make sure that your diet and lifestyle are fine, much more than whole grains and fiber. The magic treatment for constipation recommended by the dietician is to soak the flaxseed throughout the night. A cup of water at a normal temperature and eat in the morning on the stomach, and you have to repeat this process every day until the problem of constipation ends permanently.

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– Fourth advice:

Nausea and burning of the stomach is one of the most common symptoms of pregnant women in pregnancy, but it is noted that women who have rid of toxins accumulated in their bodies before pregnancy enjoy almost free of morning sickness. If the body toxins are the most common causes of nausea, and if you suffer from this problem, we advise you to eat ginger and I regularly eat snacks and do not keep your stomach empty.

As for the burning of the stomach, you should avoid eating late in the night and reduce the intake of sugars and fried foods full of fat and thus you will get rid of heartburn and have a good sleep.

– Fifth advice:

One of the most worrying concerns of women during pregnancy is the desire to eat food and sugars, sometimes to the point of boredom and this will actually increase weight, which frightens the pregnant too much.

It may be normal for a pregnant woman to feel a desire to eat a certain food because our bodies need a certain food element that you do not get through our food, so the body continues to push us to eat more food to get those elements that it needs. Therefore, you have to perform the necessary tests periodically to know the elements and vitamins that your body needs and compensate, for example (iron deficiency, minerals and vitamins always make you feel tired and frustrated – zinc deficiency causes the appearance of white spots on the nails).

You should know that weight gain in pregnancy of 10-15 kg is normal, but if your food is healthy there is no problem for you to get rid of excess weight after birth.

Madam, Pregnancy is one of the most important periods of a child’s life and even more important than the first year of life. Keep in mind that healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle will make you comfortable and comfortable, and a healthy and healthy child.

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