5 effective steps to get rid of yellowing teeth

Many people suffer from the problem of yellowing teeth and changing color. As people differ in the color of their skin and hair, they differ in the color of their teeth as well, so some teeth are yellowish and others yellow with age. Natural tooth can yellow for a number of reasons:

– Surface yellowing caused by the use of tobacco or frequent drinking coffee or tea or eating some foods that help to dye teeth as types of berries in addition to the accumulation of calcium around the age known as calcification.

– Internal yellowing resulting from aging, injury or excessive use of fluoride or as a result of certain diseases or taking tetracycline antibiotics at an early age.

How To Treat Yellowing Teeth

1 – Clean teeth with a good toothpaste in the morning and evening daily

2 – a lot of eating strawberry juice it helps to whiten the teeth

3 – Let the teeth whiten the lemon fruit, which contains materials to help whiten the teeth and get rid of yellowing

4 – take a piece of coal, and grind well to turn to ashes and then mix this ashes with half a teaspoon of honey, and let the teeth repeat the process and you will notice the result is very impressive honey useful teeth whitening, but what enriches you then wash your teeth with the paste because honey causes decay.

5 – the use of toothpaste

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