4 ways to eliminate the attachment of children to the computer

Parents and children are reminded that their children are connected to computer games. Sometimes, it develops into a child to live in the game. This is what Dr. Jamal Shafik Ahmed, a professor of clinical psychology and head of the psychological studies department at the Institute for Children’s Studies Ain-Shams University.

Shafiq notes that the mother’s observations are important, especially if the child is suffering from that condition. She is concerned about the possibility of continuing his life normally, and there are some psychological tips for mothers that help, God willing, to solve this problem.

1. Start at the beginning, and do not distract your child’s attention because of your concerns. Children are usually attracted to the games at first, and then gradually reduced, until they are normal.

2. If you give your child enough opportunity to let go of the game, then you find that he is still dealing with the world of the game as a real world, live in detail and busy with it, start to intervene and ask some questions.

3. You can ask your child what he is attracted to the game, so that you can discuss it, ask him about the skill he sees in the game, and imagine it achievable on the ground.

4. Provide your child with actionable suggestions to motivate him to participate in real life with family members, such as assigning tasks that he deems important and worthy of responsibility.

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