4 Tips to Overcome Fatigue and Idle During PMS

Many women suffer from tiredness and fatigue during the menstrual cycle due to the low level of estrogen in the body, which reflected on their energy and the sense of mood fluctuating, and some effective ways to overcome fatigue and fatigue during the menstrual cycle.

Avoid high fat and carbohydrate cravings such as sweets and junk food, which increases feelings of indigestion. Also avoid caffeine, chocolate and coffee drinks that cause sleep disturbances and dryness and reduce the absorption of iron that increases the feeling of fatigue during the menstrual cycle.

2 – to obtain enough vitamins and minerals, such as iron in red meat, legumes and eggs, as well as citrus fruits rich in vitamin C important for the absorption of iron, in addition to magnesium – rich nuts and vitamin B – resistant to fatigue while maintaining drinking more water a day.

3. Exercise on a daily basis reduces stress and lethargy, increases energy in the body and reduces symptoms of stress and depression during the days of the monthly habit. Running, cycling or walking for about 30 minutes a day can help reduce the symptoms of menstruation.

4. Consult your doctor If your period is too heavy, you may have a bigger problem, such as anemia that causes extreme fatigue. It may prescribe some important medications to relieve severe menstrual symptoms

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