4 signs of the end of the menstrual cycle

The end of menstrual cycle or menstruation of women should be known to each girl especially at the beginning of life so that it can determine the end of the cycle and purity of the most prominent of these signs are

First: the interruption of bleeding before ten days before some of the scholars, and before the completion of fifteen days when others, if continued more than that was excess of this period is not menstruating menstruation, and menstruation is pure from janaabah, and only ablution when the blood came down.

Secondly, the girl knows the purity of menstruation with one of two signs, the jufuf or the white story, and the juf is to look at the cotton, so it comes out pure, and the white story is a thin white water that comes out after the menstrual period. It is known to be interrupted. Not all women see the story. The white discharge does not contradict the jufuf. Is not without them often.

If you see the blood as menstruating, then if it is cut off, and if it is connected to it, it is yellow or black. It is purified. If the cotton is inserted in the position and it is found to have a trace of blackness or dandruff, it is still menstruating. It is not without the vulva often, it is purified by this and need to take the initiative to wash.

Thirdly: What a woman sees after seeing the purity of the yellow discharge and the structure is not considered a menstruation unless it is in the period of the menstrual cycle .

Fourthly: If a woman sees blood after her menstrual period is interrupted, it is valid to have a menstrual period. It is menstruation, as is the case, and as long as she learns that it is obligatory for her to do so if she sees Tahr with one of the signs mentioned above, she should take the time to do ghusl and pray. In the time of habit, it is menstruation, otherwise it is not menstruating. If the blood comes back at a time when it is fit to have a menstrual cycle, it is menstruating. It is necessary to do ablution after it has been interrupted.

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