4 secrets that many do not know about ready-made supermarket foods

LONDON (Reuters) – Pre-packaged foods sold at the supermarket have caused many health damage, a documentary released on the British Channel 5 television channel revealed. The newspaper “Mirror” British set of secrets in the film about foods prepared in advance, as follows:

1. Lettuce contains salmonella 
Scientists at Leicester University found that cut lettuce leaves are a breeding ground for salmonella, a bacteria responsible for 50,000 deaths each year in Europe. In addition, the liquids that leach from the leaves of lettuce, which accumulate at the bottom of the bag contribute to the risk of growth of bacteria, which may lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea and inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the lettuce well after extracting from the bag, and avoid eating mashed papers, swollen bags.

2. Gluten free bread contains chemicals 
recommended to eat natural bread instead of gluten-free bread packed in bags, which contains chemicals used in the manufacture of oil make-up and exploration, and cause problems in the digestive tract.

3 – Fruits stored for a long time less quality 
Supermarkets can provide us with all kinds of fruit in non-seasons, by keeping them from a previous season or for up to a year. Once the fruit is harvested, they are directed to refrigerated stores filled with a mixture of gases that stop their maturation and prevent their decomposition.

4. Food products that contain additional protein are harmful to health 
Now products that contain additional amounts of protein such as cereals, bread, pasta, yoghurt and soups are now in supermarkets, but do we really need extra protein in our diets to be healthy? Thalia Pellegrini, a nutritionist, says men need 55 grams of protein a day, while women need 45 grams. Therefore, taking additional amounts of protein can lead to long-term health damage, especially in the kidneys. 

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