4 natural recipes to increase your body weight

Many women suffer from the problem of unnatural thinness, which reflects negatively on their natural form, their femininity is wiped out, and they deprive themselves of beautiful fashion clothes because they are covered only in loose clothing, for fear of showing the size of their natural body

Some factors of the appearance of thinness

Parasites in the intestines

Anemia or anemia

In the case of tests and make sure that this thinness ordinary use some recipes

Which we will present in this article are recipes tried and effective without health damage.

Recipe 1

the ingredients

A reddish sesame

Milk is a local center

High-fat chocolate

The way

We dissolve the chocolate, take a cooker under low heat, put the concentrated milk in it, stir the milk until it becomes caramel, add the melted chocolate and the sesame, reddish, and mix well until we get a paste. We take a spoon after each meal and you will notice an increase in weight within a week .

Recipe 2

the ingredients




Linum seed


Two tablespoons of fennel

Dates are kneading

Half a cup of olive oil


The way

We roast Suga, almond, sesame, linseed, fennel and then we collect them. Plug in an electric mixer with a nut

We take a vase and put it in the ground mixture, respecting the scales, ie, two tablespoons of each ingredient. Add the melted chocolate, the olive oil and the pasted dates. Mix the ingredients until we get a homogeneous mixture. We take two tablespoons before breakfast, food and dinner for 6 months.

Recipe 3

the ingredients



Bee’s honey

Spoon Pistachio


The way

We mix the ring, thyme, pistachios and raisins in an electric mixer, mix it with honey and take two tablespoons in the morning and dinner and watch the difference in a week

Recipe 4

the ingredients

The herb of the multitude

 Pint of milk

Sugar or honey

The way

We take a straw and put the milk to boil, and put a pot and put the many and sugar and mix well, until the mixture in the form of Yagurt take a spoon in the morning and dinner.

Other ways to gain weight

Take the ring with a glass of water daily

Eat 3 grains of dates with 1 cup whole milk

Producing nuts: walnuts, figs, raisins, almonds

In main diets, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts should be available while avoiding stress after each meal.

In Snacks: Avocado is rich in useful oils, high thermal units, natural honey is rich in sugars and a fight against inflammation, dry fruits to be available on fructose.

Whole wheat bread, Milk, Whole cheese, Olive oil, Olives

Mix the oil of the ring and kohl oil and fat for the area to be fertilized

Avoid anxiety, tension, nervousness.

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