3 Tips To Overcome Menstrual Intolerance During Menopause

Blood prolapse during the menstrual cycle is sometimes common in periods of menopause or menopause as a result of changes in the level of hormones in the body with the progress in age, which begins during the menstrual irregularity and interruption for long periods, which is why the prevalence of menstrual blood at the onset of the menstrual cycle at that stage We will give you some tips to overcome the problem of the abundance of menstrual blood at that stage, which also benefits you in the period leading up to the period of interruption of the menstrual cycle or the age of Elias.

– Vitamin A ” the Vitamin A” : Helps eating vitamin A to treat the abundance of menstrual blood , and you can eat vitamin A found in many types of fruit and vegetables or through dietary supplements.

– Vitamin C ” the C the Vitamin” : vitamin C helps with Albiovlovanued reduce Gzrah menstrual blood also helps to strengthen the immune system at that stage to prevent any injury disease vaginal may come across.

– Vitamin B complex “B-Complex”: Vitamin B complex helps reduce the amount of blood during the menstrual cycle by regulating the proportion of steroid Khoramon during the period of the menstrual cycle, and vitamin B complex in all types of vegetables and fruits.

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