20 healthy food to gain weight

Many people suffer from thinness due to fear of food or some problems in their body hormones.

Corn Bread: The most famous type of bread, the most popular in the world, contains 300 calories on one piece, leading to healthy weight gain.

Chicken breasts: Chicken breasts contain about 300 calories and they contain fat useful to the body and increase weight in a healthy manner and do not accumulate fat that is associated with obesity.

Brown rice: like pasta contains a lot of compact carbohydrates that give a healthy dose and contain fibers that improve the health of the heart and digestion and reduce the levels of cholesterol in blood and contribute to weight gain in healthy ways.

Avocado: A delicious fruit with a high calorie content of approximately 140 calories per pill, this helps to increase calories as well as it allows the body to benefit from minerals, potassium, folic acid and vitamin E.

Bread: Bread contains complex carbohydrates as well as many calories that promote weight gain.

Shrimp: Shrimp contains high calories in addition to containing healthy fats and acids useful for health can be taken as a snack to get a high calorie boost without feeling numbness and thickening.

Fruits: such as pineapples, mangoes and papaya contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins in addition to high fiber to eat large amounts of fruit that increase the weight in a healthy manner.

Dried fruits: Dried fruits contain more calories and also help to gain weight in a healthy way.

Granola tablets : contribute significantly to gaining weight because they contain a high proportion of fiber, sugars and protein together, but must be eaten with yogurt and it brings a lot of calories to the body.

Salmon fish: contains high levels of protein and nutrients can add to your diet three times a week as well as strengthens the immune system and protects the heart and blood vessels.

Banana: Banana helps greatly in weight gain because it contains high levels of potassium, carbohydrates and nutrients that give the body its energy and also maintain its health. One banana contains 100 calories, so it is possible to eat more than three bananas per day, All day intervals.

Eggs: Eggs supply the body with calcium and high vitamins. You can eat between four and five eggs to contain a large number of calories.

Butter: Olive oil can be replaced with butter to gain some weight, but not with foods full of fat can eat between 80 to 100 grams of butter daily.

Red meat : Contains a high percentage of protein and minerals needed by the body in addition to containing a large number of calories that help to gain weight properly and a body free of health trouble can be taken between two slices to three segments a week

There are other foods such as potatoes, milk, cheese, peanut butter and oils help to gain weight while taking care to moderate these foods when you reach the desired weight you can follow the diets of weight stability ..

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