Fast – acting systems for 2019

Systems of dieting

Heavy weights search for quick-acting, easy-to-tolerate and weight-loss systems, and the types of dieting systems differ from dietitian to dieter. However, there are fixed rules that must be met in fast-acting or reasonable dieting systems. Any diet should be checked for damages caused by it, and errors that may cause failure, and in this article we will address the most important information that must be taken into account before committing to any of the systems of diet.

Healthy Dieting Systems

You are right with Faten

Faten Al Ahwani, the Egyptian nutritionist, has introduced the most important dieting system through her Facebook group. She is known as “Rajimak Healthy with Faten”. Her diet program is healthy for the food intake. And sound, based on what came Ahwani it becomes a system of life and not like other systems dieting, and the most prominent constants Rajimk true with Faten:

  • Need to comply with the instructions in the table.
  • The possibility of a day to clean the stomach before starting to fast.
  • Drink a glass of water, lemon and warm honey daily on the stomach.
  • Or snack, according to dieting systems.
  • Sequencing day after day, week after week to reach the desired result.
  • Be patient, willing and able to withstand the ideal weight.
  • Breakfast is required before 9 am and dinner before 9 pm.
  • Commitment to exercise daily.

Rjimk schedule with Faten:

On the saliva: honey spoon + half lemon juice + cup warm water. (Constant throughout the dieting period)

First week:

Breakfast: a  piece of white cheese + a spoon of honey or jam + 2 toast + Nescafe.

Snack (11-12): Low-calorie fruit.

the lunch: 

  1. Day 1:  Platter large salad + 4 rice cubes + vegetable soup dish + quarter cup grilled or boiled chicken.
  2. Day 2: Platter large salad + 4 pieces of rice + piece of grilled or boiled meat + vegetable soup dish.
  3. Day 3: whole-year loaf + tuna tray + large salad plate.
  4. Day 4 : 4 tablespoons of rice + large salad dish + half kilo grilled fish without fat or oils.
  5. Day 5: One quarter kilo boiled potatoes + a quarter boiled or grilled chicken + a large salad dish.
  6. Day 6: A loaf of sun bread or brown bread+ a large salad dish + a can of tuna.

6:00 pm Snack.

Before dinner, drink a cup of dipped sweet bean or fennel .

Dinner: yoghortbox + 2 fruit fruit.

Friday is moderately open

second week:

Breakfast:  boiled egg or 3 tablespoons of oil-free beans + 2 brown toast or half brown bread + cup of tea with skimmed milk. ( Fixed throughout the week ).

the lunch:

  1. Day 1:  Platter a large salad + half a brown loaf or a tooth + a tuna tin without oil.
  2. Day 2: a large salad platter + 2 slice of pizza.
  3. Day 3: Platter a large salad + 4 tablespoons rice + half a kilo of grilled fish without fat.
  4. Day 4: Platter a large salad + 6 spoons of spaghetti + a quarter of grilled skewers.
  5. Day 5: Platter a large salad + half a brown loaf + a can of tuna without oil.
  6. Day 6: 5 scoops of fat-free

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