15 signs of early pregnancy signs

Pregnancy without doubt the occurrence enters pleasure on the couple, were not the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy discovered such as those days .oimkn discovery of pregnancy after the date of the arrival of the expected menstrual cycle test pregnancy or gold for a doctor to make pregnancy test in the blood, but some women want to make sure of a pregnancy After a week of marriage and pregnancy, pregnancy test strips do not show any positive results. However, early signs of pregnancy occur within two weeks of egg fertilization and are evident in some women. Your Health Today offers you 15 months ofsigns Early pregnancy symptoms are :

Fatigue and tiredness

One of the signs of pregnancy that is common to all pregnant women is the feeling of fatigue and tiredness and the desire to frequent sleep and wake up in later times.

Breast changes

Most women notice a change in breast area in a more painful area and an increase in size with a change in color of the area around the nipple.

frequent urination

Pregnant women are more likely to enter the bathroom and urinate in small amounts, but on many occasions, the number of urination times increases as pregnancy progresses due to increased intrauterine weight.

smell sense

Increasing the sense of smell is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy, women notice an increase in the ability of smell and smells, whether for food or inside the house for carpets and furnishings or increase smell of the husband.

Spots of blood in underwear

After the success of fertilizing the egg a week begins to implant itself inside the uterus, which causes the emergence of some spots of blood on the underwear is different from the blood monthly habit in terms of color be light and little, and the appearance of those spots are signs and symptoms of early pregnancy sure

Change in bowel movement

Common pregnancy symptoms include constipation or some diarrhea.

Change in body temperature

During the ovulation period, there is a rise in body temperature and extends to the time of the menstrual cycle. After pregnancy, the temperature drops back to normal. If you observe the daily temperature drop after a week, it may be a sign of pregnancy symptoms that you can detect.

Discontinuation of menstrual cycle

Failure to attend the course on time is one of the sure signs of pregnancy that appear and you can work the home pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy, but to let the interruption of the menstrual cycle in some cases may be for other reasons, including anemia or menstrual disorders or the age of Elias.

The tendency for nausea

Feeling nausea especially in the morning with the desire to vomit is a sign of pregnancy that lasts during the first three months of pregnancy.


The feeling of mild intermittent headache begins during the first week of pregnancy and is caused by the change in the level of hormones in the body during that period.

The Latter

A common term which indicates the craving of some types of foods that may not be desirable to women before, such as to feel jealousy in eating some types of cheese or smoked fish and others.

Clogged nose

The feeling of a blocked nose or inability to breathe is common and is one of the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that appear during the first month of pregnancy.

Mood Swings

As a result of changes in the level of hormones in the body may occur that the pregnant nervous mood such as periods of menstruation or not care about some things, and vary mood swings from one woman to another.

Feeling bloated

Inflammation and gas retention in the lungs is a common occurrence during pregnancy and may occur during all stages of pregnancy, but it has increased in recent months.

Swelling of hands or feet

Some pregnant women may notice swelling of the hands, ankles and wrists due to high blood pressure.

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