11 Tips When fasting your child Ramadan for the first time

Children are happy for Ramadan, and if your child fasts for the first time, you must know some of the virtues of Ramadan. There are also some tips that will help you teach your child how to fast with his stress.

Every mother and father must stand by their children at this important stage of their lives, give them all the support they need, and here are some tips that will help your children to fast for the first time.

1. Discussion and encouragement:

You should discuss with your children, teach them about the importance of fasting, and explain why we fast in an easy and interesting way, and this will motivate them and wish them more in fasting.

2. Creating a favorable climate:

You have to create an encouraging environment at home, and your children must be involved in making the decision to fast for the first time.

3. Learning from childhood:

It is not required for children to fast before puberty, but we have to start early with our children, in the so-called fasting gradually, such as fasting at first until noon, and then until the age, until it reaches the time of Morocco.

4. Monitor their behavior during fasting:

If you see your child as normal, and have bad attitudes, you can give him three chances to behave correctly, and if not, they should be forced to breakfast early.

5 – Waking up to Suhoor:

Awake your child before dawn prayer for at least an hour, until they wake up and eat the suhoor meal, so wudoo ‘is the first thing they do when waking up, so that they can wake up quickly. Waking up minutes before dawn prayer is not healthy, because you will eat fast suhur, and your body will hit with food. Also, eating suhur and going to sleep directly, is bad for metabolism, it is recommended to eat your baby slowly, and to pray, read the Koran, then go to sleep.

6 – Eating Suhoor meal:

It is important that your child eat a rich meal of sorghum, and he can choose the kinds of food he wants in suhoor for you to eat. Through its choices, you can prepare an integrated and balanced meal that will last all day.

7. Wake up early:

Do not let your baby sleep until late, so do not let him sleep until after noon or afternoon.

8. Be the catalyst for your children:

Encourage your children and encourage them to fast and complete Ramadan habits. Encourage your children to pray in their time, read the Koran. It is important to let your children help you during your breakfast.

9. The practice of some day-to-day activities:

You must do what you can to keep your children busy all day long, so that they do not feel bored by fasting, because boredom or fasting is haraam and may invalidate their fast.

10. Allow napping:

Your child is allowed to take a nap in the middle of the day, especially during the long summer days, so that your baby will sleep an acceptable period of four to six hours.

11. Reward:

When your child completes a whole day’s fasting, give him a reward or a gift. With the completion of fasting the entire month of Ramadan, I gave him a valuable gift to celebrate during the feast.

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