10 ways to get rid of the rumen and the emergence of the abdomen after birth

Your health today – How to get rid of the rumen after birth is important for many mothers where they are concerned about the emergence of abdomen and the weight and weight during pregnancy and postpartum, and nutrition expert Nuha al-Juhari tips for how to get rid of the rumen after birth and return to your strength again.

1 – not to accelerate the follow-up diet after birth to lose weight immediately after birth and give the body period to recover Aafia and you can begin to lose weight after the fourth month of birth where you have lost 10 kilos through breastfeeding .

2 – Balanced and healthy food after birth is very important, where the body needs to feed it with a high nutritional value and the wrong things common among us is to advise the mother who is fed by excessive eating to produce milk, natural, which may be high calories without food benefit

3 – simple exercise daily, especially after the birth of natural, where it helps to re-form the body and consult your doctor for appropriate exercises after the cesarean section .

4 – Breastfeeding helps to burn more calories, you must refrain from continuing breastfeeding for your child.

5. Avoid high-calorie, high-calorie foods with saturated fats that are harmful to your health, as well as canned foods that contain preservatives that help prevent fat burning.

6 – Try to differentiate between the feeling of hunger and the real sense of illusion of air Vltakli the real sense of hunger and try to regulate calories in your daily meals.

7 – to maintain drinking water daily and avoid thirst, especially with breastfeeding and the proliferation of natural juices not sweetened with sugar and avoid alternatives to sugar industrial.

8 – Take care of the breakfast daily, it helps to restore your activity and reduce the sense of hunger and provide the body with the energy needed for daily currency

9 – The proliferation of fruits and vegetables are rich in basic minerals and daily vitamins that you need after birth and fruit source of fiber rich, which makes you feel hungry quickly

10 – Reduce the salt in food, which works to hold fluids in the body and helps to develop pressure diseases after pregnancy and lead to the emergence of fat and crunch in the abdomen and replace lemon juice for better flavor of food.

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