10 natural ways to facilitate birth

The mother of labor at the end of pregnancy and before birth causes anxiety for many pregnant women, and there are many ways to facilitate the birth of natural and relieve the mother of the outdoors, and in the next article we know through the site of your health today on ways to facilitate birth and open the uterus naturally.

Walked daily

Walking daily at the end of pregnancy and before the expected date of birth has a significant impact on the expansion of the uterus muscles during childbirth, you can walk daily for 20 minutes to facilitate normal birth

Kegel exercises

These exercises help to strengthen the salivary muscles of the uterus and facilitate birth


The exercise of the marital relationship in the last month of pregnancy helps to accelerate the birth where sperm contain the hormone prostaglandin natural to expand and open the uterus and accelerate the birth naturally

Drink anise

Anise has many health benefits for pregnant women and facilitates birth and increases the strength of the open and calming the pregnant woman before birth


A cup of marmalade daily relieves the mother from opening and opening the womb easily during childbirth

Milk and cinnamon

A glass of milk with an outstanding cinnamon of honey relieves dyspepsia and it helps stimulate the uterus.


After entering the ninth month of pregnancy exercise on the method of breathing health based on the focus so as not to mutate during childbirth and labor pains

Dates and milk

Eat a glass of milk with dates or dates to contain substances that relax the pelvic muscles and facilitate the birth quickly

Shower with warm water

Warm water helps relax the muscles, accelerate the opening and open the cervix and is one of the best ways to relax and facilitate birth.


The massage helps to relax and raise the level of oxytocin in the body, which stimulates the uterus muscles to give birth and facilitate labor and pain

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