10 Foods to lose weight without hunger

One of the most common problems facing dieters is the problem of hunger. This is due to the harsh regulations and the lack of consumption of dietary fiber in addition to eating fast foods that cause hunger and unsatisfied to review some of the most important foods that do not feel hungry.

Beets: Beets contain high percentages of iron and dietary fiber and contains a few calories can be taken in different ways, such as cooking steam or eating without cooking or pickling.

100 grams of beets give only 45 calories in addition to the fact that it does not make you hungry because of the many dietary fibers in the beet. In addition, it is a food that is chewed at long intervals and therefore sends signals quickly to the brain full.

Second: Cauliflower contains a number of nutritional values ​​and low calories and contains a number of high fibers that promote the metabolism and regulate the work of the heart and blood vessels and digestive system and stimulate the absorption of food and it contains some substances that reduce Of infections, especially stomach infections.

 100 grams of cauliflower contains 25 calories and gives a sense of fullness

Third: Mushroom : Mushrooms have many beneficial and useful benefits because they contain a large number of high value nutrients and vitamins and minerals such as iron contains a low number of calories per 100 grams 22 calories can be eaten with beet as a meal complete lunch Or dinner.

Fourth celery: completely free of calories contains large amounts of water, therefore feel you full quickly 100 grams of celery has 10 calories as it is laxative for the intestines and useful for the work of the stomach in addition to the smell and taste characteristic can be taken as a snack between meals or drink on Body Juice.

V. Orange and lemon: Orange contains low-calorie vitamin C is useful in the elimination of colds and treatment of nausea and vomiting in addition to the acidic acid 100 grams of orange gives 47 calories, while lemon can be taken as a juice with water sweetened by honey bees In addition to containing antioxidants that maintain the overall health of the body 100 grams of lemon gives 29 calories.

Cabbage: Known for its ability to prevent heart disease and prevent cancer and it helps to reduce weight easily There is also a diet called cabbage diet can be taken in the form of soup 100 grams of cabbage gives 25 calories

Seventh Asparagus: Contains dietary fiber that gives a feeling of satiety can be taken with salad or steamed stew 100 grams of asparagus give 20 calories

Eighth zucchini : vegetables that give a sense of satiety quickly does not contain many calories 100 grams give 17 calories only.

Apple: Apple contains a number of antioxidants in addition to iron 100 grams of apples give 52 calories.

X. Broccoli: a food that gives a sense of full satiety in addition to it contains fibers that improve the performance of the digestive system and prevent cancer.

Past foods can be used as snacks if you feel hungry.

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